Jordan Peele Has A Top Secret Movie Coming, And It Just Landed Its First Star

Feb. 16. 2021 7:30 PM

Secrecy is everything when it comes to some folks in the movie industry. Keeping everything under wraps as long as humanly possible is a strategy we’ve seen creators like J.J. Abrams, M. Night Shyamalan, and yes, even Jordan Peele, employ quite extensively. So naturally, Mr. Peele’s follow-up to the mysterious Us is as much of a phantom as you’d expect; but that hasn’t stopped this project from landing it’s first star in actor Keke Palmer.

Set to be released next July, Jordan Peele’s untitled film is obviously lacking its plot credentials or a title to call it by. But per the announcement from Deadline, the big selling point now is that Keke Palmer, most recently seen alongside Jennifer Lopez in her Hustlers ensemble, is now our first clue to the future. It’s way too early to tell what Palmer’s casting has in store for us all, but since this is a Jordan Peele movie, it’s bound to be a creepy, yet humor tinged, look at something that comes straight from our own nightmares.

It’s also worth noting that in this same story, another item is credited with stating that Judas and the Black Messiah star Daniel Kaluuya is in talks to also star in this untitled Jordan Peele project. Though, if this story was hatching a couple of years ago, we’d probably still be saying Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya, which is another exciting prospect to think about with Peele’s current film.

Jordan Peele isn’t only busy as a writer/director, but also a producer. While we don’t know much about his mysterious untitled project for next summer, we do know that he’s also got a film with Issa Rae in the works that definitely sounds like a pure nightmare. Sinkhole has been on the books since its announcement last summer, and the idea of a gaping maw in the backyard that’s just ready to “fix” everything that drops into it sounds pretty damned scary. Though that film only boasts Peele as a co-producer with Ms. Rae, so this mystery project with Keke Palmer pure Jordan Peele madness, direct from the source.

As it stands at this current moment, here’s what we know: Jordan Peele has written a new movie that will probably scare us all, and Keke Palmer is going to help him do just that as the lead. It maybe just the beginning of this new voyage into fright, but so far, it’s looking pretty cool with what we’ve seen happen here today. July 22, 2022 is the date set for this horrific occasion, so the road to any new revelations will probably be quiet for the months ahead. But that’s what Mr. Peele probably wants us to think, now isn’t it?

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