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Decades After Happy Gilmore, Julie Bowen Talks About What It Was Like To Reunite With Adam Sandler For Netflix

datetime=”2021-02-20T06:18:23-08:00″> Published: Feb. 20. 2021 6:18 AM Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler’s first film after his 1995 Saturday Night Live exit, ended up being a modern classic and it just turned 25 years old. The comedy about an unlikely golf champion had quite the cast too. Obviously appearances by Bob Barker,…

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7 Hubie Halloween Things That Still Really Work In Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movie, Despite What Critics Think

datetime=”2020-10-08T14:20:07-07:00″> Published: Oct. 8. 2020 2:20 PM Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard Warning: spoilers for Hubie Halloween are in play! If you haven’t seen the film, we’re going to lightly discuss what happens in the story. So turn back if you’re frightened that you’ll learn too much about this not-so chilling tale. Here we are:…

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