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13 Going On 30’s Jennifer Garner Is Making Another Body Swap Movie, This Time For Streaming

datetime=”2021-02-17T17:30:00-08:00″> Published: Feb. 17. 2021 5:30 PM Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard More than 15 years after the movie’s original release, Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30 is arguably Jennifer Garner’s most well-known role. The rom-com memorably has a child of the ‘80s suddenly finding herself in her body of her adult self, and…

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Apparently, Jennifer Garner Split With Her Boyfriend And Fans Had No Idea

datetime=”2020-08-18T09:43:56-07:00″> Published: Aug. 18. 2020 9:43 AM More from Jessica Rawden Celebrity Kids Always Called Look-Alikes, But Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Really Looks Like Her In New Post Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard Jennifer Garner’s been one of the most heartwarming and amusing celebrity personalities in quarantine, from wearing outrageous costumes to drinking wine in her…

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Jennifer Garner Says It’s ‘Worth Fighting’ For Happiness After A Big Break-Up

datetime=”2020-07-01T14:42:10+00:00″> Jul. 1. 2020 7:42 AM More from Jessica Rawden After A Woman Thought Reese Witherspoon Was Carrie Underwood, The Two Celebrities Fangirled Out Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard Jennifer Garner is a great actress and a “fun mom” on her social media accounts, but she also takes the time to interact with her fanbase…

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