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Rosamund Pike Thinks Her Gone Girl Character Could Match Wits With Her Ruthless I Care A Lot Character

datetime=”2021-02-18T15:15:00-08:00″> Published: Feb. 18. 2021 3:15 PM Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard No one is going to typecast Rosamund Pike. The Oscar-nominated actress is far too talented to be pidgeonholed, though there is no denying that she has a unique talent for playing brainy, icy characters who seem to be two steps ahead of whomever…

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Rosamund Pike Says She Had No Idea What She Was Getting Into When She Agreed To Star In James Bond’s Die Another Day

datetime=”2020-07-25T15:46:18+00:00″> Jul. 25. 2020 8:46 AM More from Mike Reyes Robert Rodriguez Reveals The Crazy Hoops He And James Cameron Jumped Through To Greenlight Alita: Battle Angel Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard Every now and then, there’s that gig you sign up for that seems like the biggest challenge of your life. For actor Rosamund…

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